flatpak really wouldn’t be the store it is without its dedicated staff across the globe. From checking our solutions are without issues, to ensuring our products are as beautiful as they are practical, we thank them all.


Wyatt Draggoo, Vasilis Papaioannou, Matthias Donahue, Walter C. Johnson, Steffanie Stewart, Peter Martell, Dale Meisenbach, Victoria Aubrey-Rees, Matt Butler, Liam Hook, Stephen Lockyer, Matthew Rowe

Product testing

Eric Francois, Jonathan Chaffer, Paul Cox, Jo Rothermal, Steve Brownlee, Christoph Bieler, Anna Staton, Simon Robinson, Stephen Staver, Susan Shgan, Mikkel Ilskov, Daniel Mickelson, Avi Machness, Victoria Roberts

Flatpak Foundation Board

Jo Rothermal, Jamie Gibbs, Lia Kelly, Anna Kis

Studio Photography

Jacqueline Sheppet, Hannah Rowe, Jelle  Van Camp, Mark Pearson, Karen Campbell, Roy Leban, Jason Conte, Amy Priborsky, David Blurton, Jachin Letwory, James Huang, Laura Hall

Proofreading and Copy editing

Cronshaw Editing

Branding Team

Muggs Alexander, Caitlin Wolle, Keith Jackson, Kenzie Browne, Teik Chooi Oh, Benjamin Rowe, Suzy Tomlinson, Peter Freese, Kellie A Bantug, Christina Quackenbush

Headquarter Support

Catherine Rowe, Ruth Bodley

Head of Security

Wesley Petersson