flatpak calendar 2021


Please note: The 2021 calendar element of this is now out of date, but the puzzles are still just as enjoyable and complete the Flatpak saga!

With the help of hundreds of international customers working through the flatpak catalogue, the full scandal was revealed at the headquarters and our hero was freed from his captors. The senior managers are behind bars for corruption but it still remains difficult to trace all the embezzled funds and it seems there were severe irregularities in the pension fund.

Fingers are now being pointed at our prisoner as being involved in the scandal somehow. He suspects someone on the outside was involved. Just as he left his basement confinement, he grabbed a flatpak calendar, shortly due for release and he is convinced the markings on it will lead to the criminal mastermind.

With your help, he can clear his name. A pattern of 12 bank accounts around the world is starting to be revealed. Solve the four puzzles on each month of this calendar (48 in total) to uncover the country, alias, account number and sort code for each hidden bank account. Head to the website to enter your answers and finally put an end to this plot. Hints are included in the back of the calendar.

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Full colour glossy A4 wall calendar. Each month opens to a double page landscape spread with product pictures and month to view calendar page.

48 puzzles with hints.